CLHO Colleague Circles

 What is a CLHO Colleague Circle?

In response to requests from the CLHO Needs and Satisfaction Survey conducted earlier this year, the CLHO has developed a series of programs designed to meet the specific needs and interests of CLHO members. Each Colleague Circle has been developed with a specific interest group in mind so that program speakers, topics and discussions can be better focused to meet participant's needs. Four groups have already been scheduled for the fall, feel free to attend the one that piques your interest and fits your needs.


If you are interested in starting a Colleague Circle, we'd be happy to help!
Share you ideas and interests via email with us at
or call (860) 832-2674.  


* Colleague Circle meetings are open to all CLHO members, regardless of your job title or volunteer position, but they are designed to focus on topics and issues of interest to particular groups.



Current Colleague Circles

Volunteer Organizations

  - You do a lot with a little, and depend on an active pool of volunteers to keep your organization moving forward.

Director's Circle for Small and Mid-Size Organizations

   - You have at least one paid staff, and although you may have a tiny budget, staff reports to a board of directors. A lot of the programs are run by volunteers who give their all for the organization.

Curator's Circle

   - Whether you're a volunteer at a small organization, or are fortunate enough to have the paid title of "curator", you have the ultimate responsibility for the management and security of the collections.  

Marketing & Development Colleague Circle

 - Trying to spread the word at your organization via social media, or more traditional means? Do you need tips and insight on managing your members more effectively? This colleague circle explores what you need to know to be known!

Connecticut Museum  Educator's Roundtable and CLHO

- Would you like to connect with other museum educator's in Connecticut to discuss contemporary issues that effect your ability to do your job?  Want to network and share with others who experience the same challenges? This group works together to provide programs that meet the needs of its members, whether by pooling information to create the best-ever school field trip, or bringing in experts from outside the field to learn more about programs for people with special needs.

StEPs-CT Alumni Circle

- Are you a member of a former StEPs-CT organization, or interested in the StEPs-CT program? In fall of 2017, Connecticut Humanities and CLHO are getting the gang back together for networking, feedback, and discussion.  StEPs-CT is a program of the Connecticut League of History Organizations and Connecticut Humanities. StEPs is a program of the American Association for State and Local History with grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.   

Learn more about StEPs-CT! 

Upcoming events

We're always happy to start
another Colleague Circle!

If you have an idea for a group of like-minded people who would benefit from informal programs and conversation, please let us know!

Email Christina at or call (860) 832-2674.



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