The Annual CLHO conference attracts more than 200 museum professionals, board members and volunteers representing the over 400 history museums, historical societies, historic sites, historic house  museums, libraries, and archives in Connecticut. This full-day conference offers an Exhibitor and Vendor Hall, the Award of Merit Luncheon and Awards presentation, and opportunities for networking with people just like you.


In today’s climate of unrelenting media, questions of what’s fake news or real news, the cloying clutter of internet trolls, as well as the “unvetted information on demand” internet generation, our history organizations provide a grounding of reality for our visitors with truth as conveyed by our facts and artifacts.  

But…do we?

What is the role that history organizations play in getting the “truth" out there, and preserving today’s truths for the future? Do your labels, docents, AND programs offer truth to your audience, and, whose truth is it? Have you ever come across an unbreakable mystery – or myth – in your organization? Did it hold you or your organization back?  What assumptions do you have about your visitors, your board, your finances, or your collections that close doors on new opportunities? Do you have a history mystery, professional skill, or trick of the trade that you’d like to share?  

Get ready to debunk some of the issues and challenges of the past – and jumpstart your future! With insight from our colleagues, we hope to turn “can’t do,” “won’t work,” “why try” - into “can do,” “will work,” and “let’s go” practices.  


This year's conference will be at our new home, Central Connecticut State University, located at 1615 Stanley Street in New Britain, Connecticut. There is ample parking located on the premises.


Schedule to be posted in late March.

Registration to open in mid-April.

It can be daunting to walk into a large conference on your own! If you or your organization is new to the CLHO, please let us know when you register, or even when you sign in. We're happy to assign you a "buddy" who will make sure that you've met new colleagues and be there to answer any questions. 

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Central Connecticut State University

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