Audience Resources 

What's the Twack Record for Your Tweets - Using Twitter 

Engaging Places Blog by Max van Balgooy 

National Park Service Visitor Service Documents & Data 

AASLH StEPs Resource Page Audience: Includes two webinars and other resources 

Focus Groups

 - short overview on Focus Groups, good for a board document overview.

How to Conduct a Focus Group

- 10 pages neatly outline the WHYs, HOWs and FOLLOW-UPs of focus group planning. Nothing is omitted, providing a step-by-step guide

Guide to Training Docents,

KHS Docent Guide 2015 

Engaging Places:  What Historic Sites Have Learned After 25 Years with
the ADA

Art Beyond Site: Resources for Serving People with Disabilities  a webpage that provides four online links to surveys and articles that will help you determine how successfully you can provide programs and services to people with disabilities.  It includes a Self-Assessment Accessibility Survey, Museum Website Accessibility Survey, Disability Awareness Training Survey, and Accessibility Tools and Verbal Description Training Survey.



Management Resources 

Collections Resources 


Care of Photographs, 5.3, NEDCC 

Preservation of Photographs, Bibliography, NEDCC 

Storage Enclosures for Photographic Materials, NEDCC  

Caring For Your Treasures, NEDCC  

Photographic Activity Test, Image Permanence Institute  

Monique Fisher's Power Point: Identifying and Preserving Photographs  

Collections Ethics  

Direct Care of Collections: Ethics, Guidelines and Recommendations, AAM 2016 

Collections Information General  

Managing Collections-Related Paperwork & Documentation 

Temporary Receipt, Litchfield Historical Society 

Numbering System Policy 

Catalog Worksheet 

Accession Log Book (Gaylord) 

Accession Form, Illinois State Museum  

American Institute for the Preservation & Conservation of Artistic Works A great web site to help identify bugs

Caring for Audio, Video and Data Recording Media, Government of Canada

Risk Management

The ABC Method of Risk Management, Government of Canada


Historic Structures & Landscapes (Preservation) Resources

Preservation Philosophy from Historic New England,

Partners for Sacred Places,

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation,

National Trust for Historic Preservation,

Conserve-o-grams from the National Park Service,

Museum Facility Specifications, National Park

Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service,

The Preparation and Use of Historic Structures Reports (Preservation Brief 43),

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling of Historic Buildings: Problems and Recommended Approaches (Preservation Brief 24),


The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation 

Olmstead Center for Historic Landscape Preservation (National Park Service),

Preservation Brief 36: Protecting Cultural Landscapes,

Pest and Mold Management, Donia Conn, August 2016

"Pest and Mold Management", Power Point Outline, Donia Conn, August 2016


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